Uganda is the country where East and West Africa meet, featuring lush forests inhabited by primates and arid savannahs which are home to a wide array of plains game. Lakes, mountains, tea plantations and waterfalls are some of the landmarks that made an impression on Winston Churchill when he travelled here, leading him to refer to it as “The Pearl of Africa”.

Remember how Lonely Planet named Uganda the best travel destination in 2012? How about a few months ago when western media listed Uganda as a must see destination in 2016? If you still need some conviction, here are just 3 more, less advertised reasons to help you make that decision


People in Uganda are friendly, open and curious with a great sense of fun. Every traveller knows how the attitude of local people can influence the experience when visiting a new country. When going somewhere new, we want to learn about other ways of living, we want contact with new cultures, we want to connect with people whose lives are so different but somehow so similar to ours. People of Uganda are always happy to see a tourist, always eager to show you around and learn more about you and your native country.

You can meet this people on scheduled guided cultural tours or even random urban interactions in hang out spots, shopping malls and if you are truly lucky to make friends, you should attend some parties, particularly the main stream events like weddings and traditional ceremonies—your mind will be blown away!


Although the gorilla trek has to be the main highlight, when it comes to outstanding moments, Chimp tracking is up there with the gorillas. Kibale National Park has the biggest population of chimps on earth and is the best place to observe them. The chimp trek is a fantastic experience and is quite different from the gorilla trek as it involves being very vigilant and fast to understand where the chimps are and how to find them.


It might take you a while before you ever find another country so rich with green. If Flora and Fauna is your thing, you will be home in Uganda. At least 25 per cent of Uganda is covered by forest and grassland. Each of the more than 10 forests, big and small, which make up this intricately-woven carpet of forest and grassland, has its own unique attribute. The best part is, you don’t even have to be on a guided tour to enjoy! Simply get on the road and drift towards the suburbs, the farther you get to remote areas, the more you will drool at the BEATY mother nature bestowed upon this country.

Book your next trip to Uganda with us, it will be an experience you will never forget!

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